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About Piranha Blockchain

Piranha Blockchain, a SecureTech Innovations, Inc. (OTC: SCTH) company, is developing advanced cybersecurity technologies for blockchain and cryptocurrency systems and platforms for cryptocurrency mining, digital asset storage and protection, and trading exchanges.
Green Energy Data Centers
Piranha Blockchain is committed to protecting the planet. By using renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric power, Piranha’s clean green energy data centers will become a model for powering tomorrow’s blockchain platforms.
Advanced Cybersecurity Technologies and Services
Protecting your data and identity from hackers and online theft has never been more important. Piranha Blockchain is working on building advanced cybersecurity products and services that will help keep you and your data protected in today’s cybercrime world.
Blockchain Platforms and Cryptocurrency Mining

Piranha Blockchain will operate its proprietary blockchain servers and mining rigs in its green energy data centers, as well as offer hosting services to third parties for a monthly fee and a small percentage of their mined digital assets.

Digital Asset Storage and Protection

Protecting your valuable digital assets and cryptocurrencies is critical these days. Piranha Blockchain plans on offering both hot and cold “vault” wallet solutions to protect customers’ hard-earned digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Trading Exchanges

Piranha Blockchain is developing secure platforms to host cryptocurrency exchanges through its green energy data centers. These exchanges will operate 24/7 and enable cryptocurrency owners to transfer, trade, and exchange their cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies or into actual fiat currencies.

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